How We Help Make Travel & Tourism Businesses Better

If you’re not telling your story, then you may be losing out on a large component of the leisure traveler market. At Destination Better, we’ll partner with your destination marketing or hospitality organization help you identify, manage and advance your social and environmental risks and opportunities.

We’ll develop short and long term strategies specific to your destination or hospitality organization while respecting its culture to increase the number of visitors that come your way.

Let us partner with you to help tell your story using intelligent data and industry-specific insight while educating your team on why it’s important to identify, manage and leverage your specific significant impacts, resulting in travelers that spend more, stay longer and visit more frequently—here’s how...

Here's how we make travel & tourism businesses Better!



  • Facilitate safe and confidential customized workshops

  • Reveal results of The Sustainable Traveler research

  • Inform on macro trends in your industry

  • Deliver best practice research

  • Company-specific options and recommendations

Data and Tools

Data and Tools

  • Conduct stakeholder engagement

  • Identify community assets

  • Determine cultural, heritage and sense-of-place resources

  • Bring stakeholders together to inform next steps

  • Provide an implementation plan



  • Partner to implement plan

  • Develop marketing and communications strategies

  • Explore application of our “Caught Doing Better” offering

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to advance best practices

  • Seek opportunities for innovation to set your business apart

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Destination Better was a partner contributor to this thought leadership study.

Includes 32 tactics for businesses to boost their revenue by promoting their sustainability practices - let's identify and communicate those for your business.

The Destination Better Philosophy for Travel & Tourism

Travelers want to know how you’re taking care of natural resource assets, how you treat your staff and what you’re doing to reinvest in your community. Your destination’s response should be to tell an authentic, data driven and measurable story that appeals to their interests and passions.

We’ll catalog all of the great things you’re already doing based on your visitors’ interests, develop a baseline and create a custom action plan for your destination or property. Let us help capture and communicate the awesome things your company is doing to help you attract visitors who will spend more, stay longer and travel back more frequently.

What We Learned About the Sustainable Traveler

2016 research shows that 60% of US leisure travelers spend 51% more money per trip, bring more travelers, travel more frequently and stay longer – IF your business has what they are seeking.

As a research sponsor, Destination Better played an integral part in the “2016 Role of Sustainability in Travel and Tourism” research, in conjunction with Mandala Research and Sustainable Travel International. As experts in the field of sustainability, we know how to apply the research to attract these travelers to your business.

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Sustainable travelers spend more, stay longer and bring more travelers!

Discover the research showing that sustainable travelers will spend more, stay longer and bring more travelers when you share your sustainable practices by downloading the complete infographic below. To purchase the complete findings from Mandala Research, go to Contact us to see how this research can help your organization increase revenue and profitability by attracting the sustainable traveler.

Does your business know how to attract the sustainable traveler?

Destination Better’s team of sustainability experts helps companies discover and leverage their social and environmental opportunities, align communications to the Sustainable Traveler, and enhance their brand and profitability. We interpret the data for your team and put it into action. This is how:

1. Workshops: Highly personalized, relevant and interactive

We create customized, interactive workshops that present the research findings in a fun, easy-to-understand format guiding attendees through creating customized action items relevant to their community, destination and business’ assets, with the mission of attracting the Sustainable Traveler. Workshops include a full version of the report.

2. Storytelling for the Modern Market

Our “Caught Doing Better” offering makes it easy for businesses to communicate the steps they’re taking to increase their social impact and reduce their environmental impact. Our team of experts spends ½  a day to 3 days on-site, inventorying positive practices to attract the sustainable traveler, then tells the story through high quality video, photography and social media posts. Learn more.

The team at Destination Better is an incredible group to work with. They think creatively, work extremely hard, and are true visionaries. Destination Better made our sustainable tourism workshop an even better experience than we could have hoped for, and truly tailored it to our needs. They are experts in their fields of tourism, sustainability, marketing, and business strategy, and I’d strongly recommend them to any organization looking to amp up their strategic and sustainability efforts.
— Tessa Schreiner LEED GA, Recycling and Sustainability Manager for Leon County

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