Telling Your Story to Win More RFPs

Take a look around and you will discover some of the most revered companies have built their brand, and increased their profitability, by looking beyond purely economic activity: embracing innovative opportunities to reduce their environmental impacts and focusing on their employees to become a really great place to work.

“... BMW, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft and Walmart, have a combined spend of US $2.7 trillion. They are using this power to engage suppliers, asking them to disclose environmental data to CDP.” - CDP

We also see first-hand how these companies are asking prospective suppliers to do the same thing, pre-vetting them through RFPs that include weighted environmental and social responsibility questions. They want to add responsible and diverse companies in their supply chain, but those new suppliers can’t seem to win the bid. Chances are that someone in their company received a supply chain sustainability survey and either tossed it out or was unequipped to answer it properly.

Unbeknownst to them, answering those questions correctly and disclosing corporate responsibility practices could have made them the bid winner. The reality is that if you want to enhance your brand and profitability, then you have to start discovering and communicating your social, environmental and innovation stories.

"We will lead our supply chain to improve its social and environmental impacts by integrating sustainability performance metrics into our sourcing decisions for 80% of our spend." - AT&T 2020 Goal

At Destination Better, we always find that companies are doing great things; they just aren’t telling their stories! We took our years of business management in both global corporate and medium- sized companies to develop a comprehensive methodology to walk you through these complex survey questions and develop relevant answers. And if you’re not being asked to answer these questions now, expect that you will be in the future--especially if your strategy includes expansion, positioning for buyout- both public and private, or working with the Fortune 500.

Just as you entrust outside professionals for legal and tax advice, we can help with your supply chain sustainability and corporate responsibility strategy. Start by filling out the form below. If you can answer yes to even one of the statements, you may be missing some great opportunities. Then, let’s schedule a 20 minute chat to discover how you could be enhancing your brand and profitability by telling your story- and expanding your business!


The Supply Chain Checklist

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We conserve resources and give back to our community.
We increasingly receive RFI/RFP questions related to labor practices, diversity, business continuity, energy, emissions, environmental goals and climate change risks and opportunities.
We are suppliers to Fortune 1000 companies.
We are a Fortune 1000 company and have not yet integrated sustainability into our company.
We have been asked to report to CDP and/or Ecovadis.
I would like to integrate some of the good things we’re doing into our social media.
I just want to know more about how all this works.
I get it, but our management doesn't.
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