If your company is like most, you are being asked questions about its social and environmental impacts. How you answer could determine who will do business with you, who will work for you, and who will invest in your business. We’ve got your answers.

We're a Certified Women-owned Company who will develop a custom strategic plan—from responding to RFP’s, supply chain and investment surveys, to requests for disclosure through CDP and Ecovadis—resulting in enhanced brand and profitability.

Our Guide to Environmental, Social & Governance Strategy


We partner with companies to assess their social and environmental impacts, educate company leadership on opportunities, create a strategy to address the gaps and develop a unique communications plan to tell their story better.


We assist DMO’s and hospitality organizations in assessing their sustainability initiatives and practices, then build and promote a strategy to attract travelers who are shown to stay longer, spend more, and visit more frequently.


Governments, academia, business and residents don’t always speak the same language, but we’re fluent in all. Our specialized practices are focused on getting you the information you need from your stakeholders, creatively and with purpose.


Service Offerings

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Sustainability Workshops

We provide 2, 4 or 8-hour sessions that bring together company leaders for an industry-specific sustainability overview based on research, which includes client status, as well as the sustainability progress of your stakeholders: competitors, customers, and suppliers.

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Consultation & Research 

We research and analyze industry-specific trends inside and outside the U.S., looking at potential future impacts of macro trends on an organization. Every business is unique and our consultations may vary based on those needs. Consider us a team-member in your back pocket, short-term or as a retainer for ongoing access.

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CDP, GRI, Ecovadis, Modern Slavery Act Compliance

We help ensure transparency in your business’s reporting, such as:

  • CDP: Supply Chain and Climate Change investor driven requests

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI):  to identify significant impacts which inform sustainability communications and reports

  • EcoVadis:  supply chain requests and full inventory of sustainability practices and goals

  • UK Modern Slavery Act (MSA) compliance:  corporate reporting and corresponding human trafficking awareness program development.

  • Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB): Many investors want
    to see disclosure against the industry-specific material topics identified
    in SASB

Corporate Responsibility Communications

We’ll conduct an evaluation of your organization’s current sustainability communications and create recommendations for improvement. Areas we evaluate and recommend externally, include company website, social media, press releases, branding, and company alignment.

Areas we evaluate and recommend internally, include employee communications, intranet infrastructure, giving and volunteering technology.

Even in a short hour together, we’ll leave you with some actionable advice and recommendations.

Presentation, Preparation & Creation

These services include concepts and visuals, offer advice and creation of sustainability-related presentations, customized for role and audience: internal or external, executive/senior leadership, investor relations, and sales, through the development of attractive visuals and supporting data.

Employee Engagement, Corporate Giving & Volunteering

We will inventory your assets and develop processes to create a plan to scale programs across the enterprise and around the world to add value to your business while investing in your communities. While generating maximum value for your company’s goals, we will leverage employee engagement, corporate and foundation giving, and corporate volunteering, in alignment with your business’ objectives.  


We're a Proud and Trusted WBENC Organization


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