After years in corporate responsibility, we’ve learned one thing: Companies are doing great things. They just aren't telling their story.

That great information gathering dust on virtual bookshelves, stuck inside intranets and annual sustainability reports
is not much help to your brand. And you are too busy to maximize its value.

But our carefully curated team can turn those hidden assets into brand enhancing nuggets in real-time, reaching all company stakeholders in multiple formats, be it 280 characters in social media, 60-second videos on your website or a 5-slide update to your board.

The Result of Turning Untold Stories into Brand Assets

  • Highly engaged customers, investors, shareholders and employees
  • Elevated brand and reputation
  • More time for you to do what you do best:  changing your company-and the world-for the Better.

Complete communications services described on our Service Offerings page, which includes:

  • C-suite & Leader Workshops
  • Sustainability Communications:  internal & external
  • Reporting/Frameworks & Protocols
  • Consultation & Research
  • Presentation/Preparation & Creation

Our Carefully Curated Team

Our team is known for its dedication to client partnerships, personal attention, results, and seamless integration into your brand and culture.


  • Barbra Anderson:  Global Corporate Responsibility, Social Impact, Stakeholder Engagement; MA Global Sustainability
  • Janet Hall:  Sustainability Strategy, ESG, Data Integrity; SASB Level II Candidate
  • Jim Thomas:  Reporting, EHS, Supply Chain; MS Biochemistry


  • Amy Brown:  Sustainability and CSR Report Writer and Storyteller
  • Kerry LaCoste:  Creative Director, Brand Identity, Graphic Design
  • Marissa Rosen:  Marketing Strategies, Social Media, Event Promotion; Masters Environmental Studies
  • Koji Sumalde:  Cinematography, Film/Video Production, Photography

Untold stories are valuable assets: you’ve done the work, let us help you reap the value. Contact us at