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Herman Miller

Letter excerpts from President and CEO, Andi Owen:

On a fundamental level, we value the entire person—not just the skill set they bring to work. That’s why we’ve always prioritized a workplace that supports the entire spectrum of our employees’ health.

We know ensuring the Earth’s resources remain abundant for future generations is another critical goal in designing a better world. That’s why we’ve also worked hard to ensure that every day we strive to take less from the environment by generating less waste, limiting our use of energy and natural resources, and using fewer materials.

We also aspire to be more sustainable by creating more than we take—and that includes restoring our ecosystems, using safe materials that promote health and well-being, and setting the bar for the industry standard on human rights.

Our corporate giving is designed and led entirely by employees of Herman Miller, helping us inspire the next generation to become stewards of humanity in our communities.

We strive to expand on that foundation by leveraging our relationships with clients, suppliers, and collaborators to elevate our impact exponentially. By devoting time, talent, and resources to the communities that touch our operations across the globe, we believe we can create a ripple effect that becomes a force for good around the world.For more, view Herman Miller's "Better World Report 2019."


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