Why it’s important for companies to be “Caught Doing Better”

It’s tough being a company these days. Oh sure, some may think that all companies do is make products or deliver services and then just scoop up the money. In part, that’s kind of true. But as a co-owner of a company, I can say that there are so many things to keep up with: legal, regulations, taxes, documenting, reporting, marketing, sales, recruiting (and the opposite of recruiting that none of us want to talk about), mission, vision, values, and least we forget, a company’s purpose.

I’m often perplexed with this situation:

Velvet Taco, who has enormous explanatory “please help us recycle” signs, Dallas Texas

  • People often put down companies for making a profit or for becoming larger, like it’s a bad thing. Making a profit is actually what they’re obligated to do…or they wouldn’t be in business. Some may say, “That’s fine with me if companies go out of business,” and to some extent, that’s fair – not all companies deserve to be in business (if you buy me a beer I’ll gladly tell you about a bait-and-switch moving company).

  • But typically while these same people spout their consternation with companies, they’re wearing clothes they purchased from a company, eating food they purchased, enjoying a beverage they purchased, in a restaurant that is providing a service (oh, and also providing jobs and paying taxes for the roads that they drove on in the car that they purchased).

  • Perhaps you see my confusion?

At Destination Better one of our mantras is “Companies are doing great things, they just aren’t telling their stories.” Each day in our everyday lives we spot companies trying to use less water, or donating to a good cause, or investing in people who grow the crops in their products, or finding new ways to make their communities better. And we want to help companies tell their stories.

So we’ve created a “Caught Doing Better” series where we’ll share things we see in our everyday lives, where companies (or even cities) are taking proactive steps towards meaningful efforts to improve the environment or invest in their community.

Thrive Farmers Coffee, who puts people over profits, served at Chick-fil-A in Tallahassee Florida

Why don’t we know about about companies’ efforts? We often find that leaders of companies are hesitant to tout their proactive actions, for fear that they’re not doing enough, or that they’ll get criticized for the way they’re going about things, or that the effort or initiative or product or service enhancement isn’t as fully baked as they wish it was. When in reality, nothing’s ever really perfect, so they should get props for doing something!

Thus, we say, let’s cut these companies some slack. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Let’s spotlight positive actions in an effort to inspire and encourage more leaders to take steps in their businesses. We also hope that we’ll help to educate everyday consumers about how companies are trying to be better stewards of the natural resources they use, how they’re reinvesting in their employees and the people providing materials in their supply chain.

There’s a lot of negativity in the world. Our goal is to be a beacon of realistic positivity. We hope you’ll enjoy a peak into how we see things in our everyday life, with an eye on ways companies are making the world a better place…or at least they’re trying.

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In the comments, we’d love to hear an example of a company you have caught doing better!

TD Bank, who has over 200 LEED Certified locations in the u.s., here in St. Petersburg Florida

Destination Better’s janet craig checking out a SnackNation delivery, who donates 10 meals for every box delivered, in a company headquarters, Tampa Florida

Author Barbra Anderson is a passionate believer in the power of companies to make the world a better place, socially and environmentally. She is an author, speaker and mom who enjoys sunshine and kayaking in her little paradise in St. Petersburg, Florida (shown in an electric boat). She is the Founding Partner and Story Curator for Destination Better, a certified women-owned firm who provides corporate responsibility and community outreach strategies and communications. More about Barbra.