Our Mission

We equip, empower and encourage business leaders and ESG professionals with uncomplicated tools to create more socially and environmentally responsible companies.

"We have each spent 25 years working inside some of the world’s most respected brands and consulting for global corporations to create ESG strategies to increase profitability, enhance reputation and attract the best talent."

Our most popular episodes

About Creating Responsible Companies: Can We Really Change The World With A Podcast?

People want to know how companies are treating the environment, their employees, and how they’re giving back in support of the communities in which they operate...

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About Us: We Discovered and Used Our Superpowers To Make a Difference – and How You Can Too!

In this episode, Barbra and Janet take you on a journey about their career twists and turns, what drives them and how they overcame odds to achieve success after skinning...

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Shift Happens! 5 Global Trends That Made CSR Mainstream in Business and Why This Info Should Be a Tool In Your Management Toolbox

In this episode we’ll look back at recent history to share a series of events that have taken place and made CSR mainstream in business...

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