C-suite and Leader Workshops

We provide C-suite and leadership workshops for Fortune 1000 companies, as well as small-to-medium sized businesses.

These workshops are typically offered as  2, 4 or 8-hour sessions that bring company leadership together to provide a sustainability overview, including topics identified in our areas of expertise.

Each workshop is customized per your industry and based on research to include client status, as well as the sustainability development of your stakeholders: competitors, customers, and supplier activity.

Sustainable Communications

We’ll conduct an evaluation of your organization’s current efforts for sustainability communication and create recommendations for improvement.

Areas we evaluate and recommend externally, include:

  • Company website

  • Social media

  • Press releases

  • Branding

  • Company alignment

Areas we evaluate and recommend internally, include:

  • Employee communications

  • Intranet infrastructure

  • Giving and volunteering technology

Reporting | Frameworks & Protocols

We help ensure transparency in your business’s reporting frameworks and protocols, such as the GHG Protocol for emissions inventories and inform on reduction goals; CDP which are supplier and investor driven requests; Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to identify significant impacts which inform sustainability communications and reports.

Other reporting frameworks and protocols we assist with, include:

  • EcoVadis | Supply chain requests and full inventory of sustainability practices and goals

  • Ecodesk | Supply chain driven request for energy, waste and water data

  • U.K. Modern Slavery Act | Required corporate reporting and corresponding human trafficking awareness program development

Consultation & Research

Typically, consultations and research are parts of larger projects; however, they tend also allow for periodic smaller engagements. Every business is unique and our consultations may vary based on those needs; however, you can expect us to evaluate your communications and have a discussion about business leaving you with some advice and recommendations within our hour together.

We’ll also do some research about a specific topic you’re interested in learning more about as well as offer our recommendations.

We’re a team-member in your back pocket:  retainer for ongoing access

We also provide, and welcome, opportunities for speaking engagements as well as preparing and creating presentations.

Our speaking engagements include,

  • Keynote

  • Panel

  • Breakout sessions, or

  • Facilitated discussion

Our presentation, preparation and creation services include both concepts as well as visuals, offering:

  • Advice and development of sustainability-related presentations based upon role and audience: internal or external, such as executive/senior leadership, Foundation, sales/development

  • Creation of attractive visuals, including supporting data

Presentation | Preparation & Creation